Our Mission

We are dedicated to preserving our environment by providing growers with earth friendly organic products. We have developed programs that, depending on the unique characteristics of your farm, we'll consider the crops you are growing to develop individual recommendations that will help you achieve the very best results for your farm. With grower meetings, soil testing, tissue analysis, and custom fertilizer blending, our agronomist can offer you the best products, using best practices, to produce the best yields. Our customers count on us for quality products & sound advice.

About Us

For the past 25 years of farming organically, fertility has been an issue for our farm. In the last two years of soil testing we found virtually all tests are low in nutrients. Even livestock producer tests are going down. Many organic growers now realize we need to add some form of amendments. We are here to provide those needs.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals share your passion for Organics. Each member plays a key role in the Company’s success, and offers different strengths.
Our ongoing commitment and dedication bring you uncompromised values that will
contribute to your vision for success.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

  • Roger Rivest
  • Jerome Gagnier
  • Bill Poho
  • Mark Thibeault
  • Leia Weaver
  • Dan Hope